After I separated from my Husband, I was broken and Devastated. I neglected myself completely.
At 45 my only Aim was to provide good education and a proper upbringing for, my children.
3 Months back I read an article on ” How Thread-lifting has become the latest TREND in Antiaging “
I entirely related to the Before after Pictures, as in the past 10 years aging was visible on my face.
You could see my Skin Sagging around the JAW, Deep Lines between the nose and lips, slightly hanging cheeks and eyelids. I was a complete MESS!
I decided to consult my skin doctor for the thread procedure, and during the meeting, the doctor convinced me to do LASERS, Radiofrequency and other methods instead of thread. I had tried such procedures before but never achieved any drastic RESULTS, so I was not convinced to waste my money on similar procedures again.
I finally heard about BIONIX and visited them to know more about thread-FACELIFT and what I learned was amazing,
Not every doctor is a THREAD-FACELIFT expert, and only the doctor who is extensively trained on Thread-lifting can do the Real Magic.
I was inquisitive to know how it actually works?
The Doctor told me when you are born your SKIN has TIGHT Mesh-like network of Fibre and tissue which holds your skin, UP and tight and without any lines and wrinkles.
As you cross, your 30’s this tissue Structure begins to break, and you start seeing signs of Aging, sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles, etc .
Threads are ABSORBABLE SUTURE material which are Biodegradable and Completely SAFE and Risk-FREE.
An experienced doctor, Knits a New SCAFFOLDING MESH structure beneath your skin, in 3 to 6 months those threads dissolve but your SKIN is pulled up tight with the New SKIN and Collagen filling up the Place of threads.
The RESULTS are LONG-Lasting, Far superior to any Laser or RF and keep improving with time.
Based on the Explanation, I signed up for the procedure and Today after 3 months I realize that it was a FANTASTIC decision.
I look young, youthful with Lifted eyebrows, cheeks, and a SUPERB Jawline. The procedure at least removed 15 years from my life and made me look Much younger.
There was no downtime, I immediately drove back home after the procedure.