Hair loss is simply defined as thinning or loss of hair on the scalp. Hair loss usually occurs at any age group and can affect both men as well as women. But highly it was noticeable in men. Below given are 6 main reasons for the hair loss, most of the people are facing these days.

6 reasons for hair loss

There is a need to know the exact cause of the hair loss, so by knowing the exact cause of the hair loss, one can go for a correct hair-loss treatment plan. There are various underlying causes for a hair loss, but mainly there are 6 important causes which affect most of the people in this generation.

Hair Loss

  1. The first common cause of a hair loss was a hereditary problem. If a person has a baldness in their family history, he or she may have a hair loss.
  2. If a person has a severe illness or any health-related problems like blood pressure, diabetes, heart-related problems or if he/she undergone any cancer treatments like radiation or chemotherapy then those people have heavy hair loss.
  3. Hormone-related problems such as thyroids or if a woman is near to menopause stage, she will have rapid fluctuations of hormones, thereby hair fall will be more.
  4. Mental as well as physical stress, over thinking, physical or emotional shock will also a major cause of hair loss.
  5. When there is no balanced or lack of diet there will be serious hair loss. Loss or lack of Protein, iron content, and other nutrients may also cause hair loss.
  6. Anemia is another serious problem for hair loss. Persons who have iron deficiency may have serious hair loss. This can be diagnosed by blood test.

How to do hair-loss treatment naturally

For any type of disease, the best treatment is to follow is prevention is better than cure. This is the best option before curing any type of disease. When comes to hair-loss treatments, fortunately, there are various treatments which can control your or slow down your hair loss. But before going for any type of hair-loss treatments, the best thing is to try by following some healthy habits to change your lifestyle. Below mentioned tips are some of the most important for hair loss.

  • One should maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Restrict your medicines usage
  • Hair-loss treatmentEat protein and iron rich food
  • Have a clean scalp, try to have a hair wash at least 3 times a week with a mild shampoo
  • Don’t take too much stress and have a minimum of 8 hours sleep
  • Use a cap or a scarf to your hair while exposing to dust or sunlight
  • Have a head massage once in a while

After trying all these tips, and if still there is a hair loss, then consult a good hair specialist. The hair specialist will recommend you the best hair-loss treatment by observing and knowing your medical history. So you can go for one or a combination of treatments which was suggested by your doctor to observe good results.

One can decrease and even stop hair loss by undergoing different treatments. But before adopting any hair-loss treatment plan, there is a need to consult a hair specialist. The above said causes were most commonly seen in the people who have hair loss. For all these cases, the perfect outcome will be observed only after approaching a reputed hair loss clinic and discuss your problem with the hair specialist.