Any seasonal change will show some impact on human body, particularly during summers. During summer not only drastic raise in atmospheric temperature, but also summer brings with excessive of sun exposure, stress, increase in body temperature etc. To overcome all these problems, one should follow some of the healthy tips which are related to diet, fitness, maintaining healthy lifestyle or daily routine etc., and by following these healthy tips which will be responsible and contributes to a person’s overall health and well-being. Below given are some of the important and to be followed or mandatory health tip during summer.

Stay hydrated

During summer you will feel more heat and sweat, which in turn make your body dehydrated, hence it may cause various health issues. So, hydrated your body by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, to avoid health problems. Fruit juices, lemon water, coconut water, butter milk will also helps your body to stay hydrated.

Eat Light food which is healthy

Diet is another important factor which is need to be taken into consideration during summers. Try to consume light food which is healthy to your body and have fruits which have high water content such as, watermelon, orange, plums etc.

  • Eat more protein food
  • Small quantities of food more number of times
  • Try to avoid carbohydrates and fats
  • Try to consume fresh fruits, salads and vegetables
  • Consume leafy vegetables which helps our body to stay cool.
  • Avoid fatty and junk foods

Don’t expose too much to sun

Most of the skin related problems like skin cancers may cause by too much exposure to sun which have powerful UV rays. Hence, protect your skin from sun while going outside, especially during long summer days. You can protect by applying sunscreen, cover up your skin with cotton scarf, use sun shades to protect your eyes etc. But best remedy is to avoid too much heat, try to stay indoor as much as possible. Try to complete your outdoor works during mornings before 10:30 or after 5:30 pm you can go outside.

Stay fit

Most of us will feel lazy and stress to perform any physical exercises during summers because of too much heat. But try to do any outdoor activities for at least 30 minutes every day, to stay healthy, stress free and fit. Rather than going to gym, best options of outdoor physical activities are, swimming, cycling, skipping, walking or running etc., will helps you to stay fit as well as stress free during this hot summer.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol will easily dehydrate your body and also generates too much heat in your body. Hence, try to reduce alcoholic beverages, particularly during hot weather.

Try to get adequate sleep

As temperature increases, sleep patterns may also change, because of humid and heat you may feel discomfort to sleep, hence you won’t get required sleep which your body requires to have, thereby you may feel restless and stress. So, try to do meditation and breathing exercises, which will enhance to decrease your stress levels. Try to sleep in a room which is having a good ventilation.

By following all the above said healthy tips, one can stay fit and healthy during this hot summer without facing any kind of health issues.