Do you want to lose up to 11 pounds of your body weight? i-Lipo fat reduction is the best choice for you. 

i-Lipo fat reduction is approved by FDA (The Food and Drugs Administration) as a non-surgical procedure to remove fat. It is different from surgical liposuction. In i-Lipo treatment the Laser rays make the cells shrink by breaking the body fat down. These fat cells are known as triglycerides. The breaking down and shrinking of body cells turns the triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids.[1]

The body parts that are mainly focused on in the i-Lipo treatment are the waist, thighs, hips, neck, upper arms, and some other areas of your body. The course of this treatment usually involves at least 8 sessions, 2 sessions per week. Hence the body contouring takes a month (4 weeks). 

A healthy lifestyle after the treatment is mandatory. If a cell contains excess content, there might be a risk that fat will be restored. 

The newest version of this treatment involves a vacuum massage in a combination with low-level laser technology and infrared technology which promotes new collagen growth that enhances lymphatic drainage and circulation.[1]

What happens during an i-Lipo Treatment?

The i-Lipo laser procedure takes about an hour only. Since the laser energy of i-Lipo is painless, no anesthesia is needed. The moment you lie down for the treatment you don’t need to worry about anything. The rays won’t damage any of your other body tissues surrounding the targeted area. 

For the treatment four laser pads are placed on the targeted areas. These pads release an energy of 36 laser diodes which trigger and target the chemical signals present in the fat cells. These chemical signals break the fat down and release the fatty acid and glycerol through the cell membrane. 

A little different procedure is used for i-Lipo ultra treatment, in this treatment, a vacuum massage is paired with lasers and infrared energy. The metabolism of the targeted area is boosted which helps the lymphatic system to release the fat cell contents.[2]

You can choose between both procedures, and a 30-minutes post-treatment exercise is a must. This exercise will boost your blood circulation. 

Pros and Cons of i-Lipo Treatment

Some of the Pros and Cons of i-Lipo treatment are listed below:

Pros of i-Lipo Treatment

  • It helps you reduce belly fat, thighs, hips, upper arms, and other body areas efficiently.
  • i-Lipo is a painless procedure.
  • The treatment involves no side effects.
  • i-Lipo is suitable for any type of skin.
  • i-Lipo treatment is much more affordable than other basic liposuction

Cons of i-Lipo Treatment

  • Results can take up to 8 weeks. 
  • Results might not be apparent for at least 6 months.
  • The results are not permanent or long-lasting. 
  • If you gain weight again the cells will soon expand.[3]

The combination of low-level laser, infrared technology, and vacuum massage not only tightens skin and reduces cellulite but also reduces body fat. You can also contour your body, and reduce your waist and belly fat with help of i-Lipo. i-Lipo is the first direct skin contact laser device. It is mainly used for circumference reduction. 

Results of i-Lipo Treatment

After the treatment, you must stick to regular exercise and a healthy diet for massive results. Without consistency, you won’t be able to get the perfect or expected results. Ultrasound after the first treatment represents at least a 30% of reduction in the depth of the fat layer. It takes at least six months to metabolize the targeted areas. You will eventually see the results after six to eight sessions. The results can vary among the individuals, also some body parts can take more time to metabolize than other body parts depending on the type of body part.

Fat Reduction Vs Fat Deduction

People always confuse fat reduction with fat deduction. i-Lipo only helps in reducing fat, maintained with a healthy diet and regular exercise, which may not be permanent. Liposuction is a permanent reduction in weight because after liposuction you can not gain the weight in treated areas. If a patient gains weight again after the liposuction it will never be in the targeted area because the fat cells are destroyed during liposuction. You can easily differentiate each category according to the differences stated above. 


i-Lipo is a non-surgical alternative to Liposuction. Bionix Clinic has the latest machines and equipment for i-lipo treatment. Make sure you get your treatment from professionals who will walk you through the whole procedure. With this advanced technology, you can get rid of excess fat without any pain and downtime safely. 


1. What is the difference between i-Lipo and Laser Lipo?

Laser liposuction and i-Lipo laser lipolysis have almost the same names but the treatment for both are pretty different. Laser-lipo is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done under local anesthesia i-lipo is a cold-laser treatment.

2. What is i-Lipo?

i-Lipo is a revolutionary treatment done under low levels of lasers for fat reduction and body contouring treatment. i-Lipo uses photobiomodulation to metabolize the body’s natural process which helps in releasing stored content of the fatty cells.[2]

3. Is i-Lipo worth the money?

Yes, it is worth the money because it has better results with much better client satisfaction as compared to traditional liposuction. It is the preference of most clients because it is painless. So we can say it is worth the money.