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Contrary to what most people believe, breast lift/reduction procedures are meant not only for women but men as well. There might be several underlying reasons that might encourage an individual to undertake these procedures. However, in most cases, the individuals are generally confused or unaware about which specific process they need to opt for. Below are some basic facts about breast lift/ reduction procedures, which can help you figure out which would suit your needs the best.

  • It is essential to understand that breast lift/reduction are methods used to improve the shape and size of the breasts.
  • The breast reduction procedure aims to reduce the size and weight of the breasts, while breast lift helps overcome the problem of sagging breasts.
  • While breast reduction helps make the breasts smaller by removing the excess tissue, breast lift helps in making them firmer and perkier.
  • Both breast lift/reduction procedures are relatively easy and quite similar, and hence the objectives of both can be achieved within a single surgical procedure.

Understanding the basic facts is essential to knowing when an individual might need to undertake these procedures. Listed below are some common reasons for a breast lift/reduction surgery.

  • When the breasts are too large compared to the overall body frame
  • When the nipples and areola are stretched and located below the breast crease
  • When the skin in the breast area exhibits substantial sloppiness
  • When the excessive weight and volume of the breasts causes pain and discomfort in the upper body
  • When individuals face difficulty in maintaining the correct posture due to heavy breasts
  • When the breasts have different cup sizes

Consult our specialists today and book an appointment for a consultation if you are interested in a breast reduction/lift procedure. Our team will make it their top priority to deliver a comfortable, seamless surgery experience with optimal results. 

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