Bionix Body Designers ensures it always Maintains it’s Rank 1 as a weight loss clinic in dubai by offering it’s patients with the best non-surgical weight loss, minimally surgical weight loss and surgical options.

Most of the clinics have either one or two machines and try to offer them to all patients, but it’s not necessary that everybody has same reason for excess fat. Bionix updates itself on technologies every month and ensures we have the best for our patients. After a complete body analysis using the most advanced system, we diagnose the real cause of excess fat and then make customized treatments combining different technologies. That’s why Bionix successfully offers 100% results to it’s clients.

Bionix has Added A Brand New Treatment Called ” HERCULES MAGNETIC SCULPTING ”  This technology Can Melt 25 % Fat in 4 sessions , Call 043520705 to know more , or Request A Call Back 

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weight lossi LIPO

Indication: Body Shaping, Increased Metabolic Rate, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat

If you have been getting lazy to work-out and see excess fat on your body, we understand It’s hard to get back in shape quickly!

Don’t worry i-lipo can be the first step to begin a healthy life this breakthrough technology is a huge global success with Hollywood, Los Angeles , London , Paris and Dubai swearing by it.

i-lipo is a non surgical answer to liposuction, US FDA approved and the beauty of this treatment is the immediate measurable difference you see after the 20 minutes treatment though you can see a difference in every session you will start feeling active, energetic, happier, look younger and people will be obsessed to know how you are looking so young and slim in no time.

Cryolipo – Superior than Coolsculpting

Indication: Deep Visceral FAT

Many men and women suffer with deep fat below the muscles and no exercise or diet plan can help them get rid of this deep fat. We know how frustrating it can get to see that belly, sagging arms or back.

At  Bionix we use unique pulsed cryolipo which is much more safe and effective than most of the other systems in the market. It ensures there is virtually pain free and comparatively no or minimal bruising. You begin to see drastic difference as you keep losing inches over the next 45 days after the session. Most of the people love it when they start seeing flat abdomen which was not possible before even with exercise or diet.

Pulsed Intelligent HIFU – Advanced liposonix

Indication: Belly and Spot Fat

Do you want instant body shaping?  Do you have spot fat to target? It is very difficult to get rid of this fat on belly, arms, back or any area.

We know how much you need it gone, you need to try pulsed intelligent HIFU because this breakthrough USA FDA approved technology will selectively target fat and melt it like butter and you will be amazed to see instant results.

weight loss

Cavitation Advanced Ultra-Shape

Indication: Subcutaneous fat on belly, Arms, Back, Thighs and Body

Do you have soft hanging fat on your belly or other areas? Exercise will take months of hard-work to see a difference.

Now get rid of that ugly belly with cavitation technology, a series of sessions will bubble out the fat from fat cells and you will have a precisely contoured body without undergoing a surgery.

Bionix Magnum –  Electro Muscular Simulation

Indication: Fat on belly, Arms, Back, Thighs, Chest, Back and Body

Muscle building can be the fastest way to burn fat. Do you realize that when you do muscle building your body needs extra energy to feed the muscles and it taps your fat to get that energy. Bionix Magnum is a strong body shaping program which will build your core strength and shape your body by naturally consuming fat to generate energy.

You will start seeing a difference immediately after the treatment and the Bionix Magnum is unlike a GYM EMS because it works on NANO and PICO technology which is far more stronger, effective and medical US FDA approved.

2 weeks of abs work-out in GYM = 45 minutes of Bionix Magnum

You can see immediate body shaping, tightening and muscle building after the session

weight lossJuliet – No Vela Shape or LPG Stands in Front Of it

Indication: Water Retention, Cellulite

Do you bloated and swollen and do not know why? Most of the times it is because of water-retention in your body, this can make you look bloated and swollen. Water retention also makes you look fat on belly, legs and face. A good solution to treat this condition is JULIET, it is a relaxed vacuum massage coupled with heat of radio frequency and infrared light which combine together to open-up capillaries to drain the water-clogged in your body.

This treatment is extremely effective cellulite as well and can work on both indications together. You will feel lighter, tighter and more active after the treatment and it will enhance your weight loss tremendously.

Pixel Rolling RF – Thermage is History

Indication: Body Skin Tightening

Are you concerned about sagging skin? This will not go unless you do a proper treatment. Pixel Roller RF is a strong skin tightening and collagen re-development treatment which tighten your sagging skin by 50%, you will love your tight rubber-band like stretched skin after this treatment.


Indication: Cellulite and Stubborn fat

Cellulite and stubborn fat does not look good on anybody and we know they are very difficult to treat. Shockwave sessions use radial and trans-vibrational ceramic energy which will bust the stubborn cellulite strands and make your skin silky smooth, you will love to go on the beach after this treatment.

Smart-Sculpt – New Way Of Liposuction, New Generation of Smartlipo and Laser Lipolysis

Indication: Double Chin, Arms, Abdomen, Thighs, Back, Body Shaping

Do you want drastic body shaping? You know you might get sagging skin with conventional liposuction, if you are worried about downtime, bruising and sagging after conventional liposuction, then you must go for SmartSculpt which is the new generation of liposuction.

This technique uses laser energy to melt fat easily without much aggression as in conventional liposuction and gives excellent skin tightening and traction after the procedure. Depending on the concerned area, doctor can choose to do it under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. You and your loved ones will love your model like well-shaped chiseled and sculpted body.

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