What is Jet Peel?

Jet Peel is a basically natural painless, skin treatment technique that significantly enhances the appearance and surface of your skin in a quick way and gives a detectable upgrade to the beneficiary from the first Peel treatment session.

How does the Jet Peel work?

Every Jet Peel treatment will be gently wash your skin utilizing water, anti-oxidant supplements and oxygen, delivered at high speed. It removes any debris that has naturally developed in the skin throughout the years and help to clean clogged pores.  In addition, Every Sessions of  this Peeling treatment provides micro-circulation to the whole treated area.  Your skin will seem more lively, smooth and young.

How many treatments required?

The actual number of sessions depends on your skin condition.  This treatments are usually performed in different sessions to get better results. But you can experience amazing results immediately after the first treatment from Bionix without any downtime.

We recommend our clients to go for 1 treatment every two weeks (14 days)