In general, from the past days onwards, for facelifts, most people have opted and are interested in plastic surgery. But it is not an upgraded procedure and is not an effective noninvasive treatment for lifting loose skin. But PDO Threads Facelift was one of the most effective nonsurgical procedures to lift, contour and suspend sagging tissues on the body, face, neck etc. This procedure is even more beneficial for the person who needs minimal rejuvenation or doesn’t want to undergo any complicated surgical procedures.

For persons who are suffering from loose skin, Thread Lift is one of the best options and most efficient ways to lift loose skin without the involvement of any surgery. As age increases, we lose facial fat, and muscles and facial supporting structures will become significantly loose; hence skin becomes very loose. PDO Threads Facelift benefits facial areas, particularly those affected by loose skin like cheeks, eyebrows, neck, and areas around the eyes.

We use biodegradable synthetic polymers in PDO Thread Facelift, known as polydioxanone threads. We use these threads in surgical applications because of their strength and flexibility compared to sutures. PDO thread can also help tighten sagging skin due to obesity. For the face, we position PDO sutures, resulting in a V-shaped face.


PDO Thread Facelift Procedure

The complete procedure may vary from person to person because it will depend on the size of the treatment area. Roughly it will take around 30 -60 minutes.

  • Initially, we will numb the specific areas by giving local anaesthesia before starting the main procedure.
  • Marking will be done on the areas to be treated.
  • Then PDO threads will be inserted under the skin in exact locations using a small needle to lift the droopy elements inside the skin without removing your skin.
  • Inside, an inserted thread will be able to hold the droopy and soft tissue, resulting in the repositioning of the skin.
  • Then, we will secure the lift effect and remove the needle without creating any scars. But based on the area, sutures will be used (minimum to moderate)
  • But this procedure won’t require any incisions or cuts. Only a needle will be inserted and injections.
  • PDO suture will be underneath the skin.
  • We will use different kinds and lengths of sutures based on the area where you need a lift.



You will observe instant results and improvement after PDO Thread Lift treatments. The area which we treated will look lifted instantly. But complete improvement is seen over 2-6 months of period. Because within this period, new collagen will grow between the threads & resulting in even more lift, and skin will get even more tightened. The PDO threads underneath the skin will dissolve within six months.


Recovery time

Recovery time will be very fast and with very minimal side effects. In some rare cases, there may be a chance of swelling and streaking. But those will resolve within a week.

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