You can trust this Safe and effective treatment that will erase Melasma & Pigmentation forever

You have probably tried whitening creams in pharmacies and consulted a dermatologist to treat the dark pigments on your cheeks, forehead, upper lips, or other parts of your body. Sometimes you might experience success, and you will often observe that after a temporary disappearance, the pigments re-surfaced again. So you might wonder why this is happening to you when you are religiously protecting your skin from the sun.

What Causes Pigmentation?

UV rays from the sun are one of the primary causes of pigmentation, but MELASMA may also result because of hormonal imbalance. You may wonder what’s the difference between pigmentation and MELASMA.

Do you know that you have skin color because of a colored pigment called melanin? Where ever you get excessive deposits of melanin, pigmentation appears. Pigmentation mainly results from exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

When there is excess melanin production after some hormonal imbalance in your body, like during pregnancy, the pigmentation is called MELASMA.

If you ask us a few years back, we would say Dermatologists can never treat any MELASMA. Still, with the advancement in technology, we are treating patients every day because we specialize in this treatment.

Fight Pigmentation with Bionix Experts!

We combine special laser Helios 3, which uses four different hand-pieces that target melanin at different depths, the beauty of this technology is that there are no reactions or hyperpigmentation post-treatment. It is a safe (US FDA Approved) and painless procedure, and this treatment, in addition to chemical peels and natural skin brighteners, which will suppress melanin from re-producing, most of our patients walk back pigment free in 6 -12 sessions, depending on the severity of the condition.

If you do not treat your MELASMA in time, your situation may worsen and become irreparable. See testimonials of happy patients who feel confident and socially acceptable after transforming into a crystal clear, radiant complexion.

We treat at least ten patients a week suffering from MELASMA and Pigmentation; therefore, based on our vast experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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