Laser scar removal is just what it sounds like – using lasers to make your scar less noticeable. It essentially uses heat which removes the top skin layer which had scarring. It then moves to the next middle layer and smoothens it out, making your skin look tighter and better than before.

Laser treatments are considered one of the best and most convenient non-surgical methods. If you have thought of this method, you should know how this works. In simple words, laser treatment for scars works with the help of concentrated light in the form of a beam sent to various problem areas of your skin that require improvement. Many patients at Bionix Clinic have used such treatments to correct wrinkles, age spots, and laser treatment for acne scars, lines and other scars from injuries or surgeries.

The laser scar removal Dubai treatment heats your skin in layers. These kinds of laser treatment for scars is used as it brings in fast results and helps encourage new cell growth.

Let us have a look at the various benefits of Laser treatment for scars –

Removal of large scars: Most people believe that there is usually only laser treatment for acne scars. However, this kind of scar treatment can also remove other significant scars or injuries on the skin. This method can also solve any healed wounds that have left a scar.

Removal of Acne scars: One of the most common uses of laser treatment at Bionix Clinic is to remove acne scars, plus the surety that they will not appear once the treatment is done.

Inner skin Penetration: As already mentioned, Laser Scar Removal Dubai works by heat. This way, it penetrates the very root of the problem and solves it from within. As compared to face masks or peeling methods which also help in scar removal, laser treatments are more effective as they solve the problem from the inside. Thus laser treatments bring you faster results.

How long can laser scar removal treatments take?

This would depend on how severe your scars are and differ on a case-to-case basis. Each session could take one to two hours and about 4 to 6 sittings with a month’s gap. Immediately after the treatment, some patients may experience a slight swelling or bruising, which goes away in a couple of days.

Precautions that you must take – Before starting your laser scar removal in Dubai, you need to inform your esthetician about any existing medical condition like diabetes, if you get cold sores, if you are taking any specific supplements or medicines or if you smoke. You need to be completely honest for the best results. Also, proper sun protection is necessary before and after a laser treatment.

Once you have made up your mind about getting rid of your scars, please approach our team at Bionix Clinic, and we will be able to guide you further. The Laser scar removal cost is very cost-effective, and you will get your money’s worth. Our team uses a breakthrough treatment from the USA, the “EnergyJet”.

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