Bionix Body Designers – Hair Loss Treatment

Our hair loss treatment guarantees new hair growth on your scalp which will make you look younger. If you are losing hair or have bald patches which make you look older than your age. We understand how it feels because we treat many patients like you wit their concerns of hair-loss, receding hair line and bald patche.

At Bionix we have most advanced non surgical and surgical hair restoration techniques. When you see new hair rapidly filling your bald patches, you will feel more confident and younger.


Indication : Non surgical hair restoration, Stop hair loss, New hair growth without surgery.

The magic of new hair growth lies in stem cell, Growth factors and PRP. If you have tried everything in market and nothing worked, you should not loose hope because this advanced protocol at Bionix will surely work for you.

We use an advanced protocol combining mesotherapy hair growth factors, stem cells and PRP to fill your scalp with new hair producing hair cells, these cells give birth to new hair and your scalp will fill with new hair in no time. New hair will fill up your bald areas and you will feel young and confident.

Hair Restoration System : HHT

Bionix has unique hair restoration system which is combined with other treatment, this hair loss treatment ensures your new hair is healthy and grows rapidly filling up your bald patches in short time. HHT system will ensure you will have thick hair growth for the rest of your life,

Neograft – Hair Transplant Dubai

Bionix has the most advanced hair transplant system called Neograft. Most of the people who undergo hair transplant cannot get high density results because many donor hair grafts are destroyed during the procedure. Neograft ensures 100% grafts are healthy and re-used giving guaranteed high density results.

You will look even better than before you lost your hair after a high density hair transplant.

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