Acne in adolescence left these Scars on me,
As I grew up I admired the baby-face with smooth skin and flawless complexion of my favorite Hollywood stars.
Because of these scars, my face looked hard and rough,
I always had a deep-rooted complex that people judge me by my appearance.
I desperately wanted a smooth silk like skin and finally, I got to know about the SCAR-FILLING technology Energyjet.
To my surprise, it was only available in LIMITED Clinics and I booked myself at BIONIX.
So, they used this breakthrough technology which pumps Natural skin filling material through your skin without a NEEDLE or injection.
There is a pin point bleeding and as the material penetrates your skin, it immediately lifts the scar and even initiates skin to self-heal and reproduce new tissue in the area of the depressed scar.
The procedure was done under EMLA numbing cream and It was easily tolerated.
The best thing that happened to me is that immediately after the session, i saw the scars filled up and my skin looked 40 % smoother. I was prescribed 6 sessions and Guaranteed a SMOOTH scar-free skin after.
As I finished my course of sessions I saw my SCARS disappearing and my DREAM Silky SMOOTH Face resurfacing.
I Love my new Baby SKIN scarfree smooth face and HIGHLY recommend this superb technology to those who have suffered with Scarring on Face like me.
This treatment was life transforming for me.