Non Surgical Weight Loss Programs

Bionix body designers is dedicated to providing non-surgical weight loss and body contouring service in Dubai, UAE. We acquired some of the most well researched, effective and Safe Technology from round the globe and regularly update our services with latest in the weight loss industry.
With the zest of being premiere weight loss clinic in Dubai, we have designed very scientific treatments that follow a step by step approach of diagnosing the problem and then resolving it completely.

What does Your Weight Comprise Of ?

The weight is the sum of  Total Body Water + Muscles + FAT, All have to be in proportion to your Height, so we have perfect BCA. When any of the above is out of proportion, we get extra kilos or weight.

What Can Bionix Body Designers Do for Me ?

When you visit Bionix Body Designers, we first understand your exact reason of being overweight, and have a complete analysis using our advanced system which gives complete parameters of your body water, muscles and fat. The analysis gives a complete diagnosis and our treatments are based on them.

Technologies and Treatments Available at Bionix Body Designers:

1 – Flab to Fab treatment

A combination of body contouring, tightening and muscle building. This combination treatment is best for those who need to shape up fast and get rid of extra flab around their body. We use triple effect technology to dissolve fat, tighten skin and lymphatic drainage.

Fat is Dissolved Using Some of the Advanced Technologies like:

  1. HIFU : High Intensity Focused Ultrasoun: The most advanced technology to rupture fat cells non-surgically. This technology, passes pulses of focused ultrasound that selectively only target fat cells and liquify the fat, which is drained out of your body naturally. It works great for belly fat, saddle bags and body contouring. etc.
  2. Multipolar Radio Frequency with Infrared: This technology is used in combination with fat busting technologies to tighten the sagging skin and also improving the metabolism. It provides deep tissue heat that contracts the tissue and tightens skin. Really effective in combination.
  3. Drainage: Liquified fat must be drained out of body. Also for the people suffering water retention need a healthy lymphatic system. At BIONIX we have array of machines focusing on lymphatic drainage:
    • Vacuum massage with RF and infrared
    • Infra-air blanket
    • Vibro system

2 – Fab To AB Program

This is a complete muscle and abs building program. If you have an athletic body and want to gain muscles and abs, this treatment works for you. We use most advanced BIONIX pro muscle building and fat burning technology.

3 – Pinch Out An Inch

If you are one of those, for whom every centimeter or inch counts, this treatment focuses on busting spot fat, which is very difficult to get rid of even after excessive workouts.

4 – Biggest Loser Program

If you are looking for excessive weight loss, we have two options :
  •  With Dieting and Without Dieting: The dieting program involves special diet packs along with nutritional charts and Specialized program at BIONIX.
  • Without Dieting: Based on our system Thermo-Freeze, This melts the deep visceral and subcutaneous fat.

5 – Other packages Include

  • Happy Mummy: This is a dedicated post pregnancy program, where we focus on tightening the skin and stretch marks
  • Brazillian Butt: This is a body tightening and lightening program.
At BIONIX we believe in technology and have made all the programs which use combination of different machines to achieve the desired results. Our prime focus is in giving results and our main clients are those, who want to look good and in-shape in-spite of their busy schedules. They prefer to loose inches at BIONIX. The smile on our patients face is our biggest reward.
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