Excess of melanin deposits in particular area causes skin pigmentation. There can be various factors which are the real cause of pigmentation however proper treatment and skincare can break the pigments and return your skin to a pigment-free glowing complexion.

Bionix Body Designers offers different treatment, depending on the skin colour and type of pigmentation. If pigmentation is not treated properly then it can further lead to hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation which are further difficult to treat.

So our approach is simple: We use less aggressive but Really effective treatments to target pigmentation and have excellent results.

Some of the Options Available for Face pigmentation at Bionix : 

  1. Opulence:

    In this treatment we neither peel your skin nor we lase it. Melanin suppressing agents are directly infused in to the skin in the area of concern. This is done at three layers of skin, and works quickly like an eraser by diminishing melanin and thereon pigmentation in the area of concern. The procedures is relaxed, soothing and very effective, it is 6 weekly sessions, and is accompanied by home care products.

  2. Laser Opulence Peel:

    For those suffering from deeper face pigmentation like Melasma, We first blast the pigment with specialized laser, which selectively targets the pigment and breaks it. There on we supplement the skin with opulence treatment. This is really effective treatment, 6 weekly sessions and is accompanied by home care products.

  3. Brightening Glow:

    We have array of facials in combination with Ultrahygiene Microdermabrasion, these treatments exfoliate the dead skin cells and dull skin layers, leaving the skin glowing and brightened immediately after the treatment.

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