After acne or an injury, body can sometime produce a mark or a scar. After a wound or acne, our skin begins to reproduce and heal, At this time, it can sometimes  come uneven, raised or discolored.

The majority of scars fall into the following categories:

  • Flat, lighter scars
  • Hypertrophic scars (raised and red in colour)
  • Keloid scars (excess tissue in the affected area)
  • Pitted/atrophic/“ice pick” scars (indented)
  • Contracture scars (skin has shrunk and tightened, perhaps restricting movement)

We use a breakthrough Technology from USA called Energyjet

What is EnergyJet ?

EnergyJet uses JVR technology to deliver Healing compound Directly inside the skin without needle .
The machine uses Jet Force to deliver the Compound in skin, which breaks the Fibrotic strands of the scar , releasing it and henceforth initiating the skin to heal itself and filling the scars.

How many sessions Required ?

Depends on How deep is the scar, On An average 4- 6 sessions on monthly interval are enough for deep scars.

What is the Downtime ?

There is minimal downtime associated with this treatment, but patients may incur some slight bruising and swelling immediately after treatment. This may take a few days to subside, but patients are able to resume their usual activities as soon as they deem themselves fit.

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