Bionix Body Designers offers non-surgical hair restoration treatment which works at three levels assuring stopping of hair loss and growth of new hair. Hair cell activation treatment commonly called HCAT is a unique treatment at BIONIX to reverse hair loss .

Cause of hair loss ?

There can be various reasons for hair loss ranging from hereditary, stress, diet, weather etc. Those suffering from hair loss can see early signs in their 20’s or by late 30’s and at 40 they have complete pattern of baldness.
All the above reasons, lead to damage of hair follicles and the hair itself, leading to hair loss and balding.

How can i reverse hair loss ?

HCAT treatment focuses on three aspects of hair loss and new hair follicle building:
  • Improving the scalp condition, so it is healthy to support hair growth
  • Infusing peptides and stem cells that will help in nurturing hair follicles and hair peptide, also it will further build new hair follicles, capable of hair growth
  • Stimulation of  new hair growth
Together this reverses hair loss and you can see new hair growing and bald patches filling up eventually.

What is the best age ?

Maximum cases hair loss starts in early 20’s. Most of neglect it and use common products in pharmacy. Wrong treatment further worsens the condition. As it is rightly said , ” A stitch in time , saves nine “. It is good idea to consult us, if you losing on an average more than 100 hair a day.

Is the treatment painful ?

Not at all, it is a painless non surgical treatment.

Are the results assured ?

We have very good satisfaction rate with our clients and everyone benefits with HCAT treatment .

What will i experience at Bionix Body Designers ?

Our expert will do a complete hair and scalp analysis using a scanning device. Then he can recommend the course of treatment.
Call 04 352 0705 or email: for an appointment.

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