All Facial treatments done at Bionix are using more than 14 very High Concentrated Active ingredients from Glo Professional USA ( Dermatological Grade Cosmeceutical Range ) .

Clarity Facial

Make your skin breathe from unwanted acne, congestion and blemishes. Pamper your skin and have a radiant blemish-free complexion with this effective skin clearing treatment utilizing a special blend of pimple fighting, soothing and healing ingredients from GLO Therapeutics, USA.

Age-Defying Facial

Reverse the signs of aging with this luxurious facial treatment targeting mature skin and even those who wish to prevent it. Indulge into a skin-pampering facial with the never ending benefits of Cytoluxe products from Glo Therapeutics, USA. With this strongly formulated anti-aging treatment, you will benefit immensely by having a firmer, younger looking, wrinkle-free and tighter skin.

Refresh: Dry and Sensitive Facial

Pamper your most delicate skin with this extra nourishing and refreshing treatment. With the soothing blend of botanicals and antioxidants, your skin will look younger, fresh and revived.

Crystal Clear

A must-try treatment, to detox, revive and revitalize dull, blemish-prone skin with the special blend of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant and will make your skin refreshed, rejuvenated, and more radiantly “clear as crystal”.

Brighten UP

Have a luminous Brightened complexion and an excellent skin tone and texture with this treatment using High active Ingredient whitening products. This Super Whitening treatment wil leave your skin glowing brighter diminishing pigments and sundamage .

Facial for dry sensitive skin

Bionix Signature Rejuvenate + Anti-aging
Go for this treatment if you aim for a high-end rejuvenation treatment with the special anti-aging benefits of hyluronic acid, anti oxidants and peptides. Revive your youthful appearance; take years back into your age and say “Hi” to a firmer, well hydrated and gorgeously radiant skin. You will fall in love with it all over again.

Hold My Hand

Enjoy our magical touch with this pampering hand treatment for dry, dull and tired hands that require extra nourishment and relaxation. This specialty treatment provides gentle exfoliation and deep hydration leaving them soft, smooth and supple.

Tap My Feet

A special treatment, to pamper and relax your tired feet, leaving them soft and smooth. This pampering spa experience will “sweep you off your feet”

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