As we age, Our Skin Begins to Sag and you can Begin to notice Sagging around jawline, Double Chin and on the whole face.

We have different Options depending on the Skin  Condition at Bionix

1 – Mild Facelift

This treatment Involves A combination of Multi-polar Radio Frequency and Atoxylene Treatment. This a good treatment if you have Mild sagging and want slight tightening and lifting effect.

6 weekly sessions of  Multi-polar Radio Frequency and Atoxylene give an amazing lifting effect with rejuvenated and tightened skin.

During the Multi-polar RF treatment there is a slight Warm sensation As Radio frequency builds heat in superficial and deep dermis (Skin), which leads to it’s contraction, This also initiates the Skin to develop new collagen which further tightens the skin.

The Atoxylene treatment ensures the skin is well hydrated and reduces fine lines and wrinkles along with lifting effect. it is very relaxed and feels refreshing.

The whole procedure can take around 90 minutes, There is no Downtime, There might be slight reddishness after the procedure which subsides in few hours. SPF is a must and avoiding direct sun exposure is recommended.

2 – Ultralift Facelift

This is our latest option for those looking for Facial Contouring along with face lift. So if you have fat, double chin and require a No Downtime, No Pain Facelift in a single session, this treatment will definitely work for you.

Ultralift procedure is based on a focused ultrasound technology called HIFU. The Machine emits pulses of HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) in to the deep skin.

Thermal effect caused by the Pulses contracts the Skin tissue at a deep layer called SMAS and further Cavitational effect melts the fat in treated area.

The contraction of SMAS layer gives immediate visible lifting effect, the thermal effect also helps in inducing collagen development which keeps improving over the month.

We can see immediate lifting effect and results improve over the next 3 months. Results may last 1 – 2 years.

There is no Downtime, procedure is virtually pain free, It’s advised to avoid direct sun exposure, SPF is a must.

3 – Nano Bullet Facelift

If you looking for Drastic changes, this treatment in Combination or Alone is the latest and most effective Non Surgical Facelift.

The Procedure as it sounds is a breakthrough in Aesthetic Industry , is performed by a System Called EnergyJet.

EnergyJet is the latest technology which delivers Hyaluronic Acid in form of Nano bullets, deep in the skin without a needle or Pin prick.

So a series of Shots of hyaluronic acid, are given along the Hair Line and Jaw-line. When the product is delivered in to skin it breaks in to nano particles causing three effects together:

  1. Collagen Induction
  2. Filling
  3. Lifting

The procedure replaces More invasive procedures like PRP, PDO Threads and other similar facelift procedure.

There are pinpoint bumps and bleeding, which subside in few hours, Anesthetic cream is applied in procedure to keep it pain free, there might be slight bruising and  all marks and bruising if any  goes a way within a week.

Excellent long term results, visible immediately after treatment ,keep improving over a month. Please contact our specialist to know what procedure will suit you the most

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