Non Surgical Double Chin Reduction

Double chin is one of the most difficult areas to eliminate Fat, Most Common options until now have been :

  1. Radio Frequency
  2. Spot Fat injections
  3. Lipolysis

Radio Frequency Helps in tightening the area and lifts to an extent, giving a more contoured appearance. Spot Fat injections and Lipolysis are better options with far more effective Results. But are associated with incisions and Related healing and downtime.

At Bionix we have an Advanced Option Called Ultralift 

This technology uses HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) pulses to cause destruction of Fat in the concerned area .

Ultralift is Non Surgical, No Pain, No Downtime procedure in which pulses of Special Ultrasound that selectively targets Fat, called HIFU is targeted on the Fat.

The procedure immediately Melts Fats, Tightens and Lift the Area giving Immediately visible Results of Double Chin improvement .

  • The results are immediate and keep improving for the next three months.
  • Good thing with this procedure is that there is no pain or associated downtime.
  • SPF is a must and to Avoid Direct sun Exposure is advisable

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