I loved my hair, and they were my prized possession during my school and college days.
Suddenly after I finished my College, I started experiencing hair loss.
It was obvious whenever I washed or combed my SCALP, One could see bunches of hair fallen all over.
I tried all Topical medicines, remedies and OILS but Nothing worked at all.
So I decided to go for a hair transplant,
During my research for the right clinic, I realized that some Doctors charge by graft, some talked about different techniques and some clinics in Turkey offered extremely cheap packages with air tickets.
Since I live in Dubai, I was sure that I wanted the procedure here itself as I didn’t want to run to another country for a followup or any other complication.
For me, the price was not a major concern as I was investing in myself.
The doctor at Bionix explained me, ” During a Hair transplant, Hair from the lower back of your scalp are Extracted and Transplanted in the Frontal and Crown Areas. If the procedure is compromised on Quality and time, then the Extracted hair can die and be of no use. However, A well-performed procedure Guarantees 100 % Lifelong results.
Honestly, they are your last hope for hair-growth, so you need to choose the best clinic with ample experience in Hair transplant”.
Most of the Hair transplant is performed by technicians under the supervision of a doctor. I learned the Doctor and technicians at Bionix are doing at least 20 Cases in a WEEK.
That’s an awesomely compelling experience.
Another thing that Was promised before the Procedure was that where most of the clinics charge per GRAFT, Bionix will agree on a Fixed amount and Cover the complete area giving high density than count each and every graft.
Counting the Grafts becomes Very EXPENSIVE and what’s the use of a Hair Transplant if there is no Density.
( A graft is the extracted hair with it’s roots , each graft may have 2 to 3 hairs ).
I ascertained these facts before my procedure and underwent a Hair Transplant.
It was extremely comfortable, I was talking and smiling during the procedure, It took 7 hours as I had a big area.
Now 6 months after the procedure I have a hairy scalp again, I go for haircuts, swimming, steam, sauna, beaches, and style my hair according to my like. I just love it, and the confidence the new hair has given me is life-transforming,