I was at my college Reunion, and it was extremely nostalgic to meet my old buddies. Most of them walked up to me, pointed towards my belly and Said, WOW you look so different now.
One of my friends stroked his hand on my belly and Laughed, seems you been making a lot of wealth. It was a fun evening though, and we made fun of each other like old times.
In my college days, I was a thin guy and very active football player, but as my career started I began to travel like a crazy traveler and after reaching home the only thing I cared about was a GOOD SLEEP.
Work, Travel, Events, Meetings, DINNERS and the hectic lifestyle gifted me this unwanted BELLY- FAT.
I tried my luck with GYMING, but I got so tired after work that I had no stamina to continue, Neither Dieting worked for me.
I believed when I work so hard at least I should eat proper meals.
In the Reunion, I realized my friends who have maintained their body shape actually looked the same and younger than most of us who have gone the HEAVIER way.
I desperately wanted an EASY, Quick way to Lose the fat on my body. You can say I did not want to work hard and wanted a LAZY way to get in shape. It’s actually True!
During a business trip to LONDON, I was excited to Read about ” ilipo LASER” which melts fat rapidly. When I gathered more information, it seemed exactly the treatment I needed.
20 MIns is all you need to drop inches.
Luckily I found BIONIX offering the same treatment in Dubai, and I signed up immediately.
The session was comfortable, and Honestly, I felt nothing at all, I was doubtful does it really work? But on Measuring tape, I LOST 7cms in 20 minutes.
I was expecting my WIFE and Mother to notice some difference when I was back home, but to my disappointment, they said, ” YOU LOOK THE SAME ”
I was disheartened, but I continued my sessions, It was only 20 minutes of RELAXATION where I snored most of the times.
Every session I lost rapidly on the Measuring tape, I was feeling lighter and more energetic and was honestly loving the transformation which no one except me was noticing yet.
The 3rd week I could see a massive difference in my pant-size, and I was convinced this thing is really working. Still, I was waiting that someone else notices the difference aswell.
Finally that day I was in office, and My colleague told me, “bro you are looking amazing”, and another friend told immediately, “Can’t you see he has been losing weight”.
Trust me when someone notices a difference it feels awesome. I have a FLAT belly like before NOW!
I hope there is another Reunion Soon because I am oozing with confidence to Show-OFF a NEW ME. ilipo is Definitely WORTH IT !